One of the many good things about stage races is that one bad day doesn’t have to affect the final result, if the rest are good. And this is precisely what we think of 2020. We are going through difficult and complex times, but we are sure that we will learn from these last months and it will make us enjoy living even more.

For us, 2020 had two faces. On the one hand we have not been able to organize any of the 2 events as we have been doing in recent years. We had to cancel the 5th edition of the Pyrenees Stage Run and the 3rd of the Costa Brava Stage Run at a very sweet moment for both. 2019 was the year of the PSR’s consolidation, which encouraged us to celebrate our first five years with great optimism; and the Costa Brava came with changes at a logistical level (mainly in accommodation) that increased the quality and comfort of the runner exponentially. In both cases, we made the decision to return 100% of the amount paid to anyone who would like to cancel the participation instead of postponing it until 2021.

But on the other side, the pandemic allowed us to explore a new format of Sports Tourism that we had always wanted to try: the Trail Experiences. It is about celebrating the two races but in a small format, without competition and in a totally personalized way. Of course, always maintaining the BiFree Sports seal of quality and comfort: food stations, accommodation, meals, goodies bag, luggage transport,… The Pyrenees Trail Experience and the Costa Brava Trail Experience have come to stay!

And already thinking about the year that we started, at BiFree Sports we keep intact the enthusiasm and determination to continue doing what we like and that we are passionate about. Offer you the possibility of living a unique experience in a dream environment.

Come on 2021!

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