Complete route of the Pyrenees Stage Run 2022



Uphill m

Natural Parks

ST1 | Ribes de Freser – Queralbs

34,3km 2200m d+

Sunday 04/09/2022 – 08:00

AV1 – Emprius de Pardines – 9,6km | Limit 1h45′ (9:45am)

AV2 – Trespics – 16,5km | Limit 3h50′ (11:50am)

AV3 – Nuria – 27,3km | Limit 7h30′ (3:30pm)

Finish – Queralbs – 34,3km | Limit 9h30′ (5:30pm)

First stage to warm up the legs with a beautiful route through mythical places like Balandrau, the Camí d’Enginyers or the Sanctuary of Vall de Nuria.

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ST2 | Queralbs – Puigcerdà
37,4km 1700m d+
Monday 05/09/2022 – 08:15

AV1 – Barraques – 7,3km | Limit 1h45′ (10:00am)
AV2 – Dòrria – 15,8km | Limit 3h40′ (11:55am)
AV3 – Coll Marcer – 26,2km | Limit 6h30′ (2:45pm)
Finish – Puigcerdà – 37,4km | Limit 9h (5:15pm)

A medium-mountain stage before reaching Puigcerdà, the capital of the Cerdanya, after crossing two1900m altitude cols.

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ST3 | Puigcerdà – Encamp
47,5km 2600m d+
Tuesday 06/09/2022 – 07:00

AV1 – Refugi de Malniu – 17,4km | Limit 2h (9:00am)
AV2 – Cabana d’Esparbers – 27,3km | Limit 6h35′ (1:35pm)
AV3 – Refugi de Fontverd – 38,4km | Limit 9h50′ (4:50pm)
Finish – Encamp – 47,5km | Limit 12h (7:00pm)

The longest stage in which we enter Andorra after crossing the Cerdanya and a close approach to the mythical Puigpedrós.

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ST4 | Encamp – Arinsal
20km 1900m d+
Wednesday 07/09/2022 – 08:30

AV1 – Coll d’Ordino – 4,3km | Limit 1h30′ (10:00am)
AV2 – Arans – 14,3km | Limit 4h15′ (12:45pm)
Finish – Arinsal – 20km | Limit 6h (2:30pm)

We are half way from the finish and this is the shortest stage of the PSR, and the whole length of it in Andorra. The best way to recharge energy before facing the last three stages of the adventure.

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ST5 | Arinsal – Tavascan
39,7km 2700m d+
Thursday 08/09/2022 – 08:00

AV1 – Comapedrosa – 5,5km | Limit 1h30′ (9:30am)
AV2 – Molinassa – 8,7km | Limit 5h20′ (1:20pm)
AV3 – Àreu – 24,7km | Limit 6h45′ (2:45pm)
AV4 – Boldís Sobirà – 34,2km | Limit 9h45′ (5:45pm)
Finish – Tavascan – 47,5km | Limit 11h15′ (7:15pm)

Undoubtedly one of the most technical stages of the journey, with a great uphill early in the morning to Baiau col, passing close to the highest peak in Andorra, Comapedrosa. We descend through Baiau lakes until Molinassa bridge to take Vallferrera until the small and charming town of Àreu, the classical entrance point to the highest peak in Catalonia, Pica d’Estats. From Àreu we face the last part of the stage until the finish line in the rustic and small town of Tavascan.

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ST6 | Tavascan – Esterri d’Àneu
26,6km 1800m d+
Friday 09/09/2022 – 08:00

AV1 – Pleta del Prat – 6km | Limit 1h30′ (9:30am)
AV2 – Pont de Graus – 15km | Limit 5h (1:00pm)
Finish – Esterri d’Àneu – 26,6km | Limit 7h15′ (3:15pm)

Stage at a lower altitude than the previous one, crossing the Natural Park of Alt Pirineu in the middle of magnificent forests, and ending up to Esterri d’Aneu, close to the National Park of Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici.

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ST7 | Esterri d’Àneu – Salardú
32,8km 2300m d+
Saturday 10/09/2022 – 07:00

AV1 – Pas del Coro – 6,8km | Limit 1h45′ (8:45am)
AV2 – Saboredo – 18,5km | Limit 8h10′ (3:10pm)
Finish – Salardú – 32,8km | Limit 11h (6:00pm)

The last stage is not the easiest… but it is one of the most magnificient. Crossing the National Park of Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici, up to Basiero Col and Saboredo mountain hut to finally descend to Vall d’Aran to cross triumphantly the finish line located in Salardu.

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All maps thanks to the collaboration of Editorial Alpina

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