Pyrenees Stage Run

The stage race of the Pyrenees

The Race

We believe that there are many trail running races today as a result of the growing interest in the sport all over the world. We know that the calendar is saturated with them, but we also firmly think that we need a stage race in the Pyrenees. For people from abroad, this race is a great opportunity to discover the Pyrenees and then spend a few days in Barcelona.

The Pyrenees Stage Run, a 7 stage race beginning in Ribes de Freser and finishing in Salardú with two stages in Andorra, offers the possibility to cross a section of the Pyrenees following the classic GR11 and going through places that you will never forget. In addition, we want all participants to be part of the adventure and each day we will have dinner altogether and organize an award ceremony of the day, a briefing of the next stage and a presentation of the photos and videos of the day. We will offer two registration options, the BASIC without accomodation but including everyday’s dinner (for those who want to organize the accomodation by themselves) and the FULL EXPERIENCE with the accomodation in hotels included.

When we say that we want it to be an adventure, we also refer to the route. First of all, the participation in the PSR will be in teams (2 or 3 runners), a factor that we consider very important both in terms of safety and because we believe that sharing the adventure is much more valuable than doing it solo. This is also something which allows us to offer a different experience to the runners. On the other hand, the runners will need to follow the track using a GPS (one per team; hiring is possible for those who need it), but the route will also be marked both with ribbons and the classical marks of the GR11.

We believe in this project because a stage race is an adventure where fellowship and shared moments are accentuated far beyond the competition, giving us the opportunity to meet other runners across the world, be told amazing stories or hear about new races to run…; where the visited villages and their inhabitants are part of the experience and where volunteers establish a unique relationship with the runners. As organizers, for us the race represents a new kind of challenge as the preparation and race management (for 7 days!) is very different than in a one-day ultra race.

We hope that you are as excited as we are and we encourage you to participate in the Pyrenees Stage Run! We’re waiting for you!



“Our mission is to give you the opportunity to live a unique experience doing what you like, where you are the star and taking home unforgettable memories of each moment lived during our races”.



“We want that every trail-runner have the desire to participate at least once in a lifetime to our races; because they are a complete and unique experience for the runner”.



We want that the participants of the PSR live a unique experience, a great adventure that you’ll never forget.


Our priority will always be the safety of the participants, not only in the route and about weather conditions, but also in terms of nutrition, hydration and medical service.


We believe in the values of friendship and companionship that prevail in the mountains and so, you may only participate in this race in teams, because an experience of this magnitude must be shared with a partner!


Respect is essential in sports, but we want to take it further: respect for the nature, the environment, the landscape, the runners, the volunteers…

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28/AUG - 03/SEPT 2022

The Pyrenees Stage Run is something very special that you don't want to miss, have a look to our galleryvideos and the testimonials... You won't regret coming to the PSR... Are you ready for a lifetime experience?

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