Organizers of the Pyrenees Stage Run

Who we are?

We are Jordi Vissi and Tomas Llorens, two passionate trail runners who like to enjoy the mountains in the best possible conditions. We are part of Fondistes Blanes, a group of friends that have been running in all different parts of the world for more than 25 years now, and who organize two very well received races in the coastal town of Blanes. We have participated in many races and long-distance trails, and now we have the opportunity to move forward with this project, in which we will put all of our energy and dedication. Our name is BiFree, because we are two and because we love the mountains, which have always been synonym of freedom. We created the Pyrenees Stage Run, because we believe that the Pyrenees deserve a race like this. We want you, the participating runners, to enjoy a stage race experience, and we say experience because stage races go beyond a one-day race that you can run any weekend throughout the territory. It’s a life experience, an adventure that’s been taken a step further by being able to share it with your team-mate, other runners, organizers and volunteers, whilst still exploring your individual limits and, ultimately, being driven by our common passion for mountain running. These are the reasons that led us to organize the Pyrenees Stage Run and we want you to become part of it!



“Our mission is to give you the opportunity to live a unique experience doing what you like, where you are the star and taking home unforgettable memories of each moment lived during our races”.



“We want that every trail-runner have the desire to participate at least once in a lifetime to our races; because they are a complete and unique experience for the runner”.



We want that the participants of the PSR live a unique experience, a great adventure that you’ll never forget.


Our priority will always be the safety of the participants, not only in the route and about weather conditions, but also in terms of nutrition, hydration and medical service.


We believe in the values of friendship and companionship that prevail in the mountains and so, you may only participate in this race in teams, because an experience of this magnitude must be shared with a partner!


Respect is essential in sports, but we want to take it further: respect for the nature, the environment, the landscape, the runners, the volunteers…

Tomàs Llorens Marès

Tomàs Llorens Marès

I finished my PhD in Ecology in early 2015, and since then I put all my energy into this project. I am a runner since I was a kid, and I have participated in both popular and ultra races, triathlons and stage races (city and trail marathons, Half-Ironman, UTMB, Costa Brava Xtrem Running, Transalpine-Run…) and sporting adventures out of competition (GR11, GR20, GR92, Camino the Santiago in mountain bike…). These experiences have led me to believe in this project and I will do everything for you to enjoy a unique experience by participating in the PSR.

You can read these and other adventures in my blog:

Jordi Vissi Garcia

Jordi Vissi Garcia

I have studied economy, but I love being a photographer, videographer and musician… And I am also an trail runner by nature and vital necessity. I think that the PSR is a nice cocktail of all these disciplines: organizing a unique experience that goes beyond the pure challenge in the Pyrenees. So I think it will be easy for me to put everything I have in order that you take home something more than a title of Finisher.

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