We announce one of the great news of this 2nd edition of the Pyrenees Stage Run. The SUMMIT project led by Lic. Emma Roca and Dr. Daniel Brotons has chosen the Pyrenees Stage Run as one of the three branches that they will focus on this year:

  • Barcelona Marathon: Cardiological analysis of the runners who participated in the study last year to see their cardiological evolution. Collaboration with Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol, UPC and UB.
  • Everest: Last ascension of Ferran Latorre to the challenge of 14x8000m to Everest (along with 19 more climbers and 20 sherpas). Collaboration with Hospital Sant Pau, Germans Trias i Pujol, UPC and UB.
  • Pyrenees Stage Run: Evaluation of the impact of a stage race on the level of dehydration, muscle breakdown and cardiological. Collaboration with Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol and UPC.

The study will be directed solely and exclusively to participating runners at the Pyrenees Stage Run 2017 and who wish to participate voluntarily in the study. Specifically, the tests that will be carried out on the runners will be the following:

  • Blood tests (only 6ml) on the day before the start of the race (in Ribes de Freser) and at the end of the race in Salardú.
  • Daily pre-race (hotel): reading dehydration and muscle breakdown (bioimpedance), oxygen saturation, lactate, weight and urine.
  • Daily post-race (hotel): electrocardiogram (ECG), dehydration reading and muscle breakdown (with bioimpedance), oxygen saturation, lactate, weight and urine.

The economic value per person contributed by SUMMIT to carry out the research is about 1000€ for analytics, ecocardiograms, electrocardiograms, electrodes, bioimpedance apparatus, lactate, test strips, fungible, nurse, cardiac markers, …). Each participant in the study will receive a report a few days after the race with the analysis of all their data. This information will be very useful for the rider to know how his body reacts to a race of these characteristics and to be able to better manage future challenges, as well as to have a very accurate assessment of his health.

According to Emma Roca, the objective of the study is “to obtain physiological, biochemical and cardiological changes during the stages of the Pyrenees Stage Run in mountain runners: respiratory system, cardiovascular system, muscular system and others. In this way we control the muscular, physiological and cardiac level of each person and health implications.”

“This is a project that is just beginning and we have been thinking about it in phases and in the long term. The idea is to study different affections that have these type of races for the human body and each year we will focus on a question that we want to respond with the study”, says Dr. Brotons on the collaboration with the Pyrenees Stage Run.

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