The second stage (37,4km A+1,700m) between Queralbs and Puigcerdà, has been quite struggled. The Huevos León Asturias team from Ávila, the ATSV Nurmmi Ternitz team from Austria and the Catalan team Hankersports/BiFree had a strong pace from the beginning and led the race during the first part, until they reached the Collet de les Barraques (1,894m). From there, the leadership changed. The Austrian and the Asturian team arrived almost together in Dòrria, but their pace changed just before reaching Creu de Maians (1,992m), the highest peak of the stage. They went down alone through the Cerdanya’s flatland until the finish line in Puigcerdà. A middle-mountain stage with black pine forests that goes through charming places like Font de l’Home Mort or Dòrria, a picturesque village.

Tomorrow starts the longest stage of the race, 47,5km and 2,600m of ascent, between Puigcerdà and Encamp (Andorra). The PSR will enter the Pyrenees country through the Coll de l’Illa and will cross it from east to west during the next three days. Malniu, Portella d’Engorgs and the long downhill to Encamp will challenge the physical condition of the participants.

Podium 2nd Stage

  1. Huevos León Asturias (4:23:15)
  2. ATSV Nurmi Ternitz (4:24:57)
  3. Hankersports/BiFree (4:33:28)

General results

Gallery (c) Jordi Santacana

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