As we aimed from the beginning, we want to keep you informed about the situation of the PSR2020 regarding the crisis of the COVID-19 with the greatest possible transparency and sincerity.

Today we are working with the original dates in mind. Our intention is to be able to celebrate the 5th Edition of the Pyrenees Stage Run from August 30 to September 5 as planned. However, this will only be possible if we can guarantee to live the incredible experience of running a race like ours with the organizational quality that it deserves and that we are used to offer.

On the one hand, this includes having maximum health security, as well as all the necessary official permits and the accommodations and catering that make the PSR possible, among others. The uncertainty surrounding this situation created by COVID-19 means that today we do not know 100% sure that we will be able to dispose of all this in a normal way.

On the other hand, we are very concerned about the particularities of each and every one of you. We are aware that the ways of dealing with this crisis have been very diverse on every country where you come (the Pyrenees Stage Run is very fortunate to have 90% of the public from outside our country). This adds the variable that as of today we do not know if everyone will be authorized to get to Barcelona in the normal way (by plane, train or car).

For all these reasons, we have set ourselves the end of June as the deadline to inform you of our decision. However, we want you not to worry about the amount paid for the registration, since in case of cancellation you can decide what to do with 100% of it (refund or participation in 2021).

We hope that you continue to face this situation healthy and positively as we do, and that very soon we can meet and enjoy together our beloved Pyrenees in the Pyrenees Stage Run.

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